Inspired by early White Dwarf plus the s-f and punk fanzine explosion, we launched Sweden's first RPG fanzine Mjölnir in 1980. Co-founder Bo Jangeborg later wrote legendary computer RPG Fairlight, co-editor Anders Blixt went on to create Swedish RPGs Drakar & Demoner, Mutant etc while Martin today is an OSR illustrator.
In 2016, Mjölnir was revived by Elfgrim Borðspil, publishing some issues in both English and Swedish.

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Download English-language PDFs of Mjölnir 7-9 for free further down on this page. Issues 1-6 and 10 were published in Swedish only. (Alla svenska nummer finns här)
Mjölnir 10%, March 2019. PDF
English excerpt from the Swedish issue of Mjölnir #10. Published by: Elfgrim

The special 10th issue of Mjölnir fanzine was published in Swedish only, as a 48 page printed paper edition in 40 copies, with hand printed artwork and bonus inserts. (For full content information, see the Swedish page here ). It is now sold out.

'Mjölnir 10%' is a free English language excerpt, containing 1 (one) feature from Mjölnir #10, the solo game 'Dungeon Shuffle'.

Download the excerpt as a free PDF here.

The foldout poster D&D 5 scenario from Mjölnir #10 is planned to be published independently by its authors: more information will be presented here as it becomes available.
Mjölnir #9, Sep 2017. PDF
Published by: Elfgrim
Contents, English version Comments

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  • Solo space game
  • Agitator - new AD&D class
  • RuneQuest Quickstart reviewed
  • Monsters, scenarios for AD&D/clones + rule-less settings
  • and much more
  • (N.B: The Swedish edition contains additional material)
  • High time to put out a print version. This is top quality stuff
  • A great read!
  • The Agitator was an interesting class
  • As always, a fun and packed issue

Mjölnir #8, Dec 2016. PDF
Published by: Elfgrim
Contents, English version Comments

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  • Sneak preview: Sword & Soul - roleplaying in Africa
  • Adventures for Blood & Bronze, AD&D and rule-less settings
  • "The Scientist" for Traveller
  • A complete mini space game
  • and much more
  • "very cool, very White Dwarfish, before they went house magazine"
  • "As always, (...) chock full of quality content"
  • "good stuff"
  • "really enjoying it!"
  • "2 members of the editorial team have already printed the AD&D adventure and plan to run it." - & Magazine
  • "two solid issues in a row"
  • "fantastic"
  • "Christmas came early this year!"
  • "'Tunguska' (...) could be dropped into Hyperborea with minimal effort. Check it out!" - Dave Prata, OSRIC/ Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea™ "

Mjölnir #7, May 2016. PDF
Published by: Elfgrim
Contents, English version Comments

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  • Sneak preview: En ö i etern - Sweden's first sword & planet module
  • Blue Meanies in Mutant Future
  • Wizard - The Pioneers Before The Golden Age. 15 page special
  • Pool of The Standing Stones Revisited - an AD&D-remix
  • "Congratulations on your resurrection and good luck!" - Rob Kuntz
  • "Looks great (....) I am fascinated by the Yellow Submarine characters" - Chaosium Inc.
  • "Damn it looks good!"
  • "About time!"
  • "high-quality content"
  • "a joy to read the WIZARD interview special! A really well written feature."
  • "Awesome"
  • "Damn what a good feature! The photos! The stories! What a treasure!"
  • Especially the article about the Wizard store, damn good (...) watch out Fenix, here comes a strong competitor"
  • "A reanimated nostalgia corpse" - Fenix 4/2016

Issues 1-6 in Swedish only Free PDFs Contents and reviews in Swedish here

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Ladda ner PDF!

Ladda ner PDF!

Issue 6, April 1983.

Issue 5, 1982.

Issue 4, 1982.

Ladda ner PDF!

Ladda ner PDF!

Issue 3, 1981.

Issue 2, 1981.

Issue 1, Sep. 1980.

No.s 1-2, 4-6 scanned by Martin in 2013, from the archives of Bo J. No. 3 scanned by Jani Gröndahl in 2013.
All content © each author and illustrator respectively.


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